SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A CHP-South Sacramento officer helped deliver a baby on Interstate 5 Monday night.

California Highway Patrol says – just before 9 p.m. – the parents were on the way to the hospital when they had to pull over near Lambert Road, south of Elk Grove.

When Officer Dibene found their car, the baby was nearly here.

The officer went to get the EMT bag from his patrol car, but by the time he got back, the baby had been delivered.

But, the baby wasn’t breathing. Officer Dibene then took the newborn and started to gently hit him on the back until he started crying and breathing, then handed him back to mom.

“I just started to strike him strike his back until eventually, he dislodged whatever was in his mouth and started to make that beautiful cry,” Dibene said.

Both mom and baby, Ezekiel Thompson, are now in the hospital in good health.


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