CERES (CBS13) – Police in Ceres say they’re seeing an uptick in people carrying BB guns that look almost indistinguishable from real guns.

The Ceres Police Department said in a Facebook post on Thursday that officers have been finding the toy guns in people’s waistbands and in vehicles.

Not only do the BB guns look like real guns, some also have realistic looking bullets that hold the pellets.

Can you tell that this BB/pellet gun isn’t a real revolver? (Credit: Ceres Police Department)

Officers note that, while possessing these kinds of BB guns isn’t in itself illegal, carelessly carrying such items could end in tragedy. Further, officers say brandishing a BB gun to intimidate someone is a misdemeanor that could lead to a 30 day stay in jail.

If ever stopped by an officer, police urge people who own realistic looking BB guns to keep their hands in plain sight and not reach for the gun to show the officer it’s a replica. Owners should tell the officer where the gun is located and follow directions of the officer.


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