Greg Liggins Reporting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s the time of year for spring cleaning, and the city of Sacramento has a program to help out, but some city workers who haul away your junk recently came across something they’ve never seen before.

“The program is for junk you have in your house, it’s not for your house,” said Erin Treadwell with the city of Sacramento.

When city workers arrived at the corner of 27th and Hing Avenue Wednesday, they discovered a huge pile of wood and trash, remnants of what was an entire home.

“First time we have ever seen an entire house that was demolished and put in the street,” said Treadwell.

Owner Ash Sing says he called the city to schedule the pickup and was simply told if the haul was oversized, he’d be expected to pay a bit out of pocket. Sing had to pay a few thousand dollars above what it normally would have cost to have everything hauled away within 24 hours, and was slapped with a $1,000 fine for illegal dumping.

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Sing insists he was not trying to take advantage of the city and was willing to pay.

“It was a misunderstanding that happened. I guess people laugh about it. Whatever,” Sing said.

He said he has already paid thousands to rehab several properties near the now vacant lot. And he says on the empty plot, where blight once stood, will rise more housing for a city in need.

“I got plans for a duplex going up. We’re doing plans with the city right now and then I’m going to split the lot and put another two houses next to it,” Sing said.

Sing plans to build the duplex before the end of the year.

Comments (3)
  1. Philip Horner says:

    We’re from the government and we’re here to hose you down.

  2. Michael Allen says:

    We need solutions for affordable housing so the city/county should work with private investors like this to help removed blight! Sounds like an honest mistake, maybe he was trying to be clever but it would have probably cost him more to hire a company to remove it! The banner was a bit misleading as it seemed to imply someone just dumped this stuff here at random!

  3. Eileen Kephart says:

    Yes, it was a misleading headline. Using the word “remnants” suggests that only a small portion of the house was curbed for pickup, and not the entire house, as was the case. Sing’s action was not an innocent mistake; it was a novel way to utilize city resources to have an entire house hauled away at relatively small expense to him. Sing knew that what he did wasn’t kosher, or he wouldn’t have paid “a few thousand dollars” to have the house hauled away within 24 hours, before neighbors’ complaints would have gotten him in hot water with the city. BTW, you’d think the city would charge more for the huge size of the load than for having the load picked up quickly. Whatever…

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