NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) — A ferocious feline stood its ground last week in North Highlands when a coyote came sniffing around the porch.

Ed Wahl caught the curious encounter on his security camera and posted it to the North Highlands, CA Neighbors Facebook group to show off his feisty cat.

In the video, a coyote comes up toward the porch, where Wahl’s cat is waiting. The cat stands its ground while the coyote sniffs around. After a few seconds, the coyote runs to the side and the cat stays put, guarding the porch until the coyote finally walks away.

Wahl said this happened off of Watt Avenue last Wednesday.

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  1. Slavin Rose says:

    Maybe the cat ought to find another home since his owner is more interested in filming than saving him. It could have easily ended badly for the cat.

  2. Edward Warren says:

    Cats should not be allowed outside. They kill huge numbers of birds and small mammals. They can totally wipe out a bird population in an area. Feral cats are responsible for extinction of some bird species in New Zealand. Keep your precious cats inside and capture and take feral cats to the animal shelter.

    That was an immature coyote after some pet food on the porch. A mature, experienced coyote would have killed that cat.

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