SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento State graduate and combat veteran is in jail and charged with attempted murder after police say he deliberately drove into a crowd of people in the Sunnyvale.

Eight people are recovering from that crash, including a 13-year-old in critical condition. The FBI has ruled out domestic terrorism.

Isaiah Peoples served in the Iraq War and saw combat action. His mother and brother live in Sacramento. They say Peoples was honorably discharged from the Army after being diagnosed with PTSD. Both believe a PTSD episode may have led to the collision.

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“Isaiah would never, ever do anything like this deliberately, never,” his mother Leevell Peoples said. “He has never been in any trouble, he’s never been arrested.”

“I was like, ‘my brother, Zay?’ That would be the last person out of everybody I know that I would think would do something like that,” his brother Joshua Peoples said.

Witnesses at the crash scene said Peoples ranted about Jesus Christ. His family says that is a clue that PTSD may have played a role in the crash. Leevell Peoples says her son suffered a severe PTSD episode in 2015.

“He had a lot of fear, that the Army was after him at that time,” Leevell Peoples said. “And he would wake up three or four times in the night singing church songs.”

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That PTSD episode ended when Peoples received treatment. He eventually returned to normal life and a new job. Now this violent collision that police say was deliberate, sent Isiah Peoples to jail and those he allegedly hurt to the hospital.

“We really hope that everybody makes a full recovery,” Joshua Peoples said.

“I really feel sorry for the people, I hope that all heal a hundred percent plus,” Leevell Peoples said.


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