By Sara Hodges

NASHVILLE (CBS13) — Over 300,000 fans from across the country are expected to be in Nashville for the 2019 NFL Draft festivities. How far would you go to support your NFL team? Over 2,200 miles? CBS13’s Sara Hodges met a family that did just that, coming all the way from Sacramento for a weekend of fun!

It’s a divided house up in the Luna household. They come from a long bloodline of Cardinals fans, but there’s always that one in the family who strays.

“I really like the team..I really like the Bay Area and San Francisco so it’s a good switch,” said 49ers fan DeAnna Luna.

What won’t change is the love this family has not only has for football, but for each other.

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“I think it’s just being around family and the atmosphere. Our family enjoys the same sport as us, so that’s why it’s just amazing,” said Bridget Luna.

The Luna family made the trek to Nashville — 10 deep — and says it’s been better than expected.

“I think it’s neat and completely different from the other venues that they’ve had it in. It’s wide open we’re in the street and a great environment,” said Lou Luna. “The people in Sacramento are jealous that we’re coming out here. They wanted to come too, but they didn’t.”

This family eats breathes and sleeps football. They even have their own special dance. One they’ll be doing with the first overall pick in this year’s draft.

A trip like this is may not be in the cards for the average fan, but luckily next year’s draft is expected to be hosted by the Raiders in Las Vegas.


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