STOCKTON(CBS13) — A mother warded off a man who allegedly tried to set fire to her front porch by telling him to leave using her Ring camera.

“Who’s in there?” he said into the camera.

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“Can you get away from my camera?” she replied at 5:50 a.m.

They’re calling him a neighborhood nuisance who has taken it too far.

“I feel terrified,” one neighbor said.

The confrontation was caught on a Ring camera. The man sets a pile of papers on fire, drops it on the front porch, then takes off with his bike.

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“He has a torch in his hand and lights something on fire and throws it up against her wall. At that point I was like, I see fire,” she said.

The woman who lives there called her mother to put out the flames.

“Thank god my mom answered the phone or someone was even home,” she said.

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Only he comes back 22 minutes later. This time wearing a glove, trying to rip the camera off the wall as the owner tells him to back off.

“He’s grabbing at my camera, but this time he’s live so I could actually talk to him,” she said.

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The two women who live next door to one another who do not want to be identified say they’ve had trouble in the past since he occasionally stays right next door.

“I was worried, like is he going to come back and do some damage?” one of the women said.

“He could’ve really hurt my family, I may not even be standing here right now,” the other woman said.

Police are attempting to locate the man caught on video.

If you have any information, contact Stockton PD.


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Update: Stockton Police said they arrested the subject in this incident, Xiong Xoung, Thursday at the Sherwood Mall. According to police, Xoung was picked up for processing a BB gun that he is not allowed to have.