by Marissa Perlman

ELK GROVE (CBS13) —  Three students in Elk Grove were robbed in a 40-minute period Thursday. It happened in broad daylight, and none of the suspects have been caught.

High school sophomore Lauren and her mom Heather asked CBS13 to hide their identities. They know one of the victims of Thursday’s robbery, and they don’t want to be next.

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“I think they’re still looking for the guys, so that’s scary,” Lauren said.

Lauren goes to school with one of the victims from Thursday’s robberies.

“He said, ‘Can I have your phone?’ Then he said, ‘give me your phone,’ and he gave him his phone, and then he said ‘what’s the password?’ He didn’t answer, so he pulled out the gun and he said, ‘what’s the password?’ and so he gave him the password,” she said.

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Police said robberies like this, all involving students, is not normal for this community.

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The first robbery of the day happened on Denali Circle, in this residential neighborhood. Police aren’t sure if it’s related to the other two, but they’re not ruling it out yet. The other two happened ten minutes and just a few blocks apart. First in a shopping center on Elk Grove Boulevard and then near the high school on Tralee Way.

Extra patrols were on hand around the school and near the sites where the robberies happened.

Lauren’s mom, Heather, still calls this community safe.

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“I feel like it happens everywhere, we have a really active community, and we have a couple Facebook groups. We are constantly hearing about every single event, if you look at the statistics, Elk Grove is a safe place to live,” Heather said.

Police say none of the victims were seriously hurt, but two of them did have property stolen. They’re now looking for multiple suspects in their late teens, who could be responsible for this.

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The first suspect was described as an Asian male, 17-20 years old, and the second suspect was described as an African American male, 17-20 years old.