by Linda Mumma

STOCKTON (CBS13) — It was a violent weekend in the city of Stockton. Police responded to 3,500 calls for service in just three days.

Those calls included three homicides and two incidents where officers say suspects turned violent against police.

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Ramon Sandoval is no stranger to violence. Over the weekend he said his pickup was rear-ended by a driver in Stockton who threatened to hurt him and his wife if they reported the collision to the police.

“He was mad. I just let it go because he called some friends to come over and beat me up,” Sandoval said.

Sandoval has lived in the city for 10 years and said he was not surprised to learn about the violent weekend in Stockton. He said he and his wife hear gunshots from time to time.

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Police are investigating three homicides, including a man in his 20s who they say was shot and killed in Mormon Slough. Police chief Eric Jones said the department is also investigating two cases where the suspects assaulted officers.

“Just last night our officers were on a vehicle traffic stop, one of our occupants fled, was armed and actually shot at the officers,” Jones said.

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Officers have since arrested a 17-year-old boy in connection to that crime, but Jones said the list goes on.

“We had a tremendous amount of firearms that we got off the streets; either illegal guns or guns being used illegally,” Jones said.

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Police confiscated an AK-47, large drum capacity magazine, and military-style ballistic vest from a man who allegedly threatened to kill a woman he was in a physical altercation with.

Police are now calling on the community to get involved in stopping the violence.

“We have our community-based organizations, nonprofits, anything we can encourage community members to come forward with information,” Jones said.

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Jones hopes the information from the community will lead to arrests and make Stockton a safer community.