SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento City Council took a huge step forward Tuesday night in the plans to transform Old Sacramento.

The city council approved the $47 million dollar plan proposed by Mayor Darrell Steinberg. With the funding approved, this now turns into a countdown to the transformation, which includes floating terraces, a history museum event deck, festival space, and more. This is getting so big, the state wants to get involved.

“We’re inspired quite frankly by the commitments the city is making. We know we’re a critical partner so we want to do our part,” said John Fraser, with California State Parks.

Swipe through the renderings for the new waterfront

The state owns an area of land in the north part of Old Sacramento. Right now, the plans are still being finalized, but it could be transformed into a beach. Which is getting some mixed reviews.

(credit: California State Parks)

“We’ll see how it goes. I’m not exactly sure. We got to Old Sac fairly often, but I think a beach would be pretty good there,” one resident said.

“I could just see a lot of people who come and put a lot of needles there. Things like that. It can just be really dirty because it’s not really clean anyway,” another resident said.

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That issue is a top concern for the state. But if it can fixed and organizers are hoping it will bring more people to the waterfront, and more money into the city.

“If we do our part get that riverfront space up to an area that’s more inviting more comfortable safer that’s what we hope the concept can ultimately provide,” Fraser said.


  1. Michael Allen says:

    Old Sac needs serious attention, there is so much potential but where is the city finding all this money when they can’t fund their own school district for the next school year? Another $23 million for a homeless shelter but they can’t fund the school district next year? Another $30 million for a soccer facility but they can’t fund the school district next year? Am I missing something? Is Steinberg this much of an idiot and now they’re talking about diverting tax money promised to neighborhoods to pension funds? Does anyone know the bond payment on Golden1?

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