UPDATE 8:40 p.m. — Sacramento State officials confirm that the college’s police department is investigating the incident.

UPDATE 7:58 p.m. — The school’s newspaper says the flyers were also dropped at the Ariana Grande concert at the Golden 1 Center.

(credit: Dom Vitiello/@THESTATEHORNET)

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento State president Robert S. Nelsen confirmed that a drone dropped nazi propaganda during the Sacramento State Farm to Fork dinner on the Guy West Bridge Friday.

School officials said the interruption did not stop the dinner and the school carried on with the event as planned.

Nelsen released a statement Friday:

“Sacramento State condemns in the strongest terms the dissemination of hate speech and propaganda Friday evening at our annual fundraising dinner on the Guy West Bridge. The anonymous act of spreading such vile material is offensive and runs counter to the principles of inclusion and diversity practiced at Sac State. It did not stop the event, nor will it slow our march toward greater understanding and commitment to the rights and safety of our campus community,” Nelsen said.

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The event was put on by more than 200 students to benefit the BAC Yard, the heart of the University’s recycling and sustainable agriculture programs.

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  1. Tracy Mapes is the offender and deserves everything you can throw at him.

    1. Tracy Mapes says:

      It is Not Pro Nazi – It is Pro 1st Amendment. How do I know? I’m the Drone Pilot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvNYwEZGlvk

  2. Tracy Mapes says:

    Smile! It’s the Media that has taken on the Nazi stance. Ask them why they won’t tell you the Story on the Flyers? The May 3rd Leaflet Bombing expected no reaction, as the State Capitol was Bombed Several Times prior to this week. I Guess I should choose Targets with Reactionary Yuppies! Yeah! Most all May 3rd Leaflets missed their Target due to Variable Winds, So No More Lies about being “Nazi Propaganda”. https://youtu.be/OT0002b9NjI

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