ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A woman and her two dogs were attacked in a neighborhood park by an off-leash dog.

“I was walking my dogs through the park as I do every morning before work,” Jane Tilton said.

She had seen a woman and her Doberman at Pebble Creek Park once before.

“I said, ‘You need to put your dog on a leash,'” Tilton said.

But this time she was blindsided.

“He locked eyes on us and came darting at us,” Tilton said.

In a flash, the off-leash Doberman began attacking Tilton and her dogs.

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“The dogs had a hind leg dog fight and I was thrown to the ground,” she said.

Still holding her pups on a leash, Tilton knew in that instant she was hurt.

“I have a fractured wrist, I have a fractured elbow,” she showed as her arm was in a cast and a sling.

As Tilton laid flat on the ground, the woman and her Doberman took off running.

“I said, ‘You’re not gonna help me?’ and she said, ‘Get up!’ and I said, ‘I can’t,’ and that’s when she scampered off,” Tilton said. “You would leave someone on the ground injured?”

Shocked and broken, being a nurse herself, Tilton carried her arm home in complete dismay. In the city of Rocklin, it’s illegal to have your dog off leash, but we wanted to know, was there another crime committed, if any?

“It’s my understanding that there was no other crime committed,” said Sgt. Gregory Jensen with Rocklin Police.

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Tilton called 911 and couldn’t believe it.

“It’s a hideous thing, but it’s not against the law to leave an injured person that you injured,” she said.

Her husband came home to the news and says whether it was legal, this was wrong.

“It’s not something she needs to go to jail for, but just be human,” Mark Tilton said.

Their only course of action would be to sue the woman in civil court, but first, they’d have to find her.

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“I want her to come forward and do the right thing. I want her to apologize and explain herself,” Tilton said.

Now Tilton, who has dedicated her life to helping others, is out of work and out on disability.

“You’ve changed somebody’s life and run like a coward and I’m just sick of humanity for that,” Jane said.

Tilton’s dogs were not injured in the fight. Police say had she been bitten by the Doberman that would then be considered a crime.

  1. Hmm, that sounds odd that you can illegally have your dog off leash, it harms a person and their pets and no crime was committed? Sounds like willful assault with a dangerous weapon, and animal control in my county would have taken the dog.

    What she does have is an awesome civil suit if she can identify the person or their car so an investigator can get their name and address. Having had a similar thing happen to me, I got all my medical and vet bills paid and 20K in pain and suffering.

    Also of interest to people who think the leash law doesn’t apply to them: your homeowners liability will not cover that since many exclude dog bites and most don’t cover situations where its off the covered property and due to willful negligence. Even umbrella liability policies often exclude these sorts of situations.

    So the guy had to pay me out of pocket, over $25K. And all I had was a small bite to the hand and a small bite to my leg. Broken bones? I think you’d get 40-50K.

    And there was no trial, I had a lawyer write him a letter and since it’d cost the dog owner at least 10-15K to mount a trial that he’d have lost 100% of the time, he just paid. Had to take a home equity line to make the payment.

    And I now carry a little pepper spray thing in my pocket and any off leash dog with hostile intent gets a spritz, and so does the owner if they get in my face about it. Only had to do that a couple of times but they both got the message after that. This is perfectly legal as long as you do it and walk away, assaulting the other person after spraying them is illegal.

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