STANISLAUS COUNTY (CBS13) — The families of two Stanislaus County Sheriff’s employees who died in a fiery crash are now suing the Ford Motor Company.

Deputy Sheriff Jason Garner and Stanislaus County Community Service Office Raschel Johnson.

Deputy Jason Garner and community service officer Raschel Johnson were killed in May 2017 when they lost control of a Ford Explorer.


The lawsuit alleges the 2014 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle, driven by Garner, contained defects that allowed exhaust and other gases, including lethal amounts of carbon monoxide, into the passenger cabin.

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  1. All the articles on this situation so far have been lacking in what you would think would be key elements of the story. For example: What information is this lawsuit based upon? Were there lethal amounts of carbon monoxide in the bodies of the deceased officers? Have there been any other cases of carbon monoxide exhaust leaking into the passenger cabins of Ford Explorers? If yes, why are we not hearing about the other instances? If no, was this an isolated instance, or are the allegations unfounded? There’s clearly a whole lot more to this story, so what are the FACTS here?

    And why CBS Sacramento / Channel 13, must I allow WordPress to see who I follow, follow new people without my knowledge or permission, update my profile, and “make posts on my behalf”, just so I can comment on your articles? No wonder you don’t get many comments! Surely you can come up with a better / non-intrusive was of allowing your readers to comment on your articles!

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