This Mother’s Day, Kraft is honoring mothers by making it easier for them to get a break from their daily duties. They’re offering up to $100 per mom to cover bills for babysitters hired this Sunday, May 12.

Kraft calls it time for moms to enjoy a day of “No meltdowns, no diaper changes and no going to the bathroom with kids pounding on the door.” While some Sacramento-area moms have reacted positively to the offer, others say they’d rather spend time with their kids on this special day.

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Kraft goes on to say: “With Kraft Mother’s Day Away, we are giving moms across the country the chance to have what they secretly really want: some time for themselves.” Do you agree?

Here are some of the reactions on social media to the offer:

Rebecca Donahue: “I prefer to have my children with me on Mother’s Day, I will take my me time another day.”

Laura Andrada: “Yes please! Sign me up”

Serena Shirazi Manzanares: “That’s weird, most mom’s want to be with their kids on those special days, it’s the weekend before when we need to get a haircut and color is when we need a sitter, got to look pretty for all those pics the weekend of mothers day.”

Andra Coleman Consulo: “I’d rather be with the two kiddos that make me a mom!”

Allan Katherine Arcaina: It’s a thoughtful gesture but I’m happy celebrating with the reason I have the privilege of celebrating this holiday.

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Traci Pomodoro: “Every day at my house is mother’s day. Mom, where are my shoes? Mom, I need $20. Mom, I need a ride then come get me in an hour. Mom mom mom mom. I’d be happy to take a break from “mother’s day”. 😂 #teenagerssuck #teenagewasteland”

Maria Usacheva: “It works for me! Haven’t had a date with my husband in a long time. Would be nice to have a couple of hours of adult time together.”

Anne Freeseha: “My children are the reason I’m a mother,I couldn’t imagine spending mother’s day without them, no matter how much anyone offered to pay me.. it amazes me how many people actually would take this “deal”..”

Moms can hire the babysitters and upload a picture of the receipt or invoice from the babysitting service via the Kraft Mother’s Day Away site. Kraft also asks mom to provide a description of why they needed the time away.

For those who hire private babysitters, they can upload a signed note from the babysitter, confirming the payment.

What would you prefer? Have your say in our poll below, then chime in on our Facebook page.

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