DAVIS (CBS13) — Davis Police are asking for the public’s help tracking down the person responsible for putting roofies in drinks and drugging three women at two bars in Davis in the last couple weeks.

A UC Davis student who does not want to be identified said she was there April 17th when one of her friends was reportedly roofied by someone at Wunderbar.

“When I first saw her she had a beer and was the life of the party. The second time I saw her it was very obvious something was wrong,” the student said.

Within 45 minutes, her friend had to be carried out. She said she saw the same thing happen May 1 at the same bar but with a different friend. Again, in a very short amount of time.

“She couldn’t hold herself up. She couldn’t hold her head up, it kept bobbing up and down. And she couldn’t close her mouth correctly so when she was trying to talk she was drooling,” the student said.

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This time the woman stepped in and helped get her home safely. Later, she said her friend got tested at an off-campus ER.

“She definitely had drugs in her system.”

Police say seeking medical attention quickly is key with roofie cases. Paul Doroshov with the Davis PD said, “They leave the system very quickly if you don’t get a test in 24 hours it’s hard to detect.”

Investigators are looking into a third incident May 3 at Bistro 33. In all cases, the women were not assaulted but certainly traumatized. This student felt the need to protect her friends.  She says someone she knew put a roofie in her drink several years ago and tried to sexually assault her.

“A lot of trauma happened after that. I had no memories of that night. Just because you have no memories doesn’t mean it doesn’t haunt you,” she said.

The first woman is still suffering the physical impact of what happened to her. She reportedly tested positive for a drug, but it’s not known what kind. If you have any info Contact Davis police.


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