By Shirin Rajaee

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A developer in West Sacramento says co-living is a great way of life and says the people already trying it are proof.

People who live at the Five Fifties Apartments have a bed, desk, closet, and chair to call their own. They have to share the kitchen, lounge, spa, laundry room, showers and bathrooms with half-a-dozen people they’d never met before.

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“Roommates is probably the wrong word. We’re like co-guests. Maybe that’s the right word. We’re co-guests,” Chris Villareal said.

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Cristina Winn, who does media relations for the development, has this to say: “Co-living is a little strange to think of at first, but it actually makes a lot of sense.”

Villareal says the people who share this living space do not get in each other’s way.

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“We’ve got two kitchens and there’s a beauty in that. If somebody’s cooking and you need a little extra room…you go to the other kitchen,” Villareal said.

People who live in this development bring a suitcase, but not much else. The rooms don’t have a lot of space for belongings and people are not allowed to leave anything in common areas. Each person does get a small pantry in the kitchen to store food.

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Guests need to follow the rules which include no smoking, only one person per room, and hands off the thermostat.

Amenities at the 550 location include:

  • Salt lamp for air quality enhancement
  • Vitamin C shower for your hair and skin
  • Aromatherapy room for de-stressing
  • Tea and coffee bar with a health focus
  • Alkaline water dispenser for high-quality hydration intake
  • Tranquility patio for peaceful outdoor gatherings

The developers plan to build new co-living buildings nearby and say they’ll charge $1,300 a month for a room. When completed, the project will also include a coffee and tea cafe and a Waffle Experience restaurant on the site.

Leasing is also flexible at the building, even offering daily rates to tenants. Rent at the 550 C Street location is $990 a month, but that includes rent, cleaning, laundry, and more services.

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Learn more about the development on their website.