SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – With another teacher strike looming, Sacramento City Unified parents making their voices heard.

Parents say their children are getting caught in the middle of negotiations.

“Another one day strike, I don’t see how that’s helping with my child’s education – and it disrupts the structure of the day,” said Tara Thronson, co-founder of the group Parents United to Restore Our Schools.

Community members and parents came together on Monday to talk about district budget discussions and the impact it’s having on students.

Parents say they want the district and all five unions to have daily negotiations until they come to an agreement.

“More importantly, I don’t understand how the strike helps solve our $35 million budget gap,” Thronson said.

The Sacramento City Unified School District approved a total of 178 layoffs last week.

Sacramento teachers have been threatening to strike again later in May.


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