by Yasmeen Hassan

TRUCKEE (CBS13) — It’s the middle of May but you wouldn’t know it in the Sierra. A rare winter storm moving into the area, just as the snow was starting to melt.

“It was a big tease. I already put away all my winter gear. I’m ready to get out there on the lake and now it’s a bit disappointing,” resident Jamie Cerny said.

Even before the storm moves in, the rain was already wreaking havoc on the roads. A moving truck split in half, sending dozens of boxes off the side of I-80.

“People need to realize it’s Donner Pass. The weather can change at a moments notice and people need to be prepared, even in the summertime,” CHP officer Ryan Dore said.

The mountain rivers are raging after a long, wet winter. This new storm could intensify the overflow we’re already dealing with, making the rivers even more dangerous as summer slowly creeps in.

Until then, Donner Lake isn’t seeing a lot of action, but this storm might give the area an extra boost late in the season.

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“This time of year is usually slow. People might come up to see the white stuff, and with some resorts being open, they might come through,” resident Nathanael Christensen said.

Even with the erratic weather, locals say they’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

“It’s spring in the Sierras. It’s going to be nice yesterday and snowy today and tomorrow the sun may come out,” resident Rod Miller said.

Caltrans is preparing for the storm. Crews are working 12-hour shifts so they will have coverage around the clock.


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