by Rob Malcolm

NATOMAS (CBS13) — Police are investigating a hidden camera that was discovered by a teacher in a Natomas Park Elementary bathroom. It’s not clear who planted the camera or how long it had been there.

Parents at the school were very concerned.

“That’s not good. If it can happen to the teachers, it can happen to the students,” said Keisha Unger who was at the school to pick up her niece.

Sacramento police confiscated the camera and started the investigation as soon as it was reported.

“What we do know is that the camera was fairly small, more specifically, about the size of a quarter,” said officer Marcus Vasquez.

The camera was found by a teacher in the main office bathroom that is only used by staff and visitors. Students don’t have access to that bathroom.

Unger wondered who planted it.

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“Staff bathroom…Who else goes to the staff bathroom> Main office? Hmmm interesting,” Unger said.

Other parents were not as shocked.

“I mean, nothing surprises me anymore,” said Sean King. “There are a lot of perverts and people do a lot of things, but that’s very disturbing.”

The Natomas Unified School District released a statement saying they weren’t sure if the camera was functional.

“It had a memory card that did not appear to be wirelessly connected. A physical check was conducted of all other restrooms at the school and no other devices were found,” the statement said.

Police are now looking at the camera for fingerprints and trying to determine if they can find anything on it. Search warrants will also have to be obtained as part of the investigation.

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One mother familiar with the front office has a theory about the camera’s purpose.

“There aren’t a whole lot of men in that office, so I don’t think it was in a perverted way. I think maybe there was some suspicion that something illegal going on, like drug use,” said Jennifer Flanders.

Unger summed up the feeling of many parents who want answers quickly: “That’s a violation. Either way, you look at it that’s a violation.”

Police say the investigation will take some time and forensics teams have a lot of work to do.


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