SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Do people from San Francisco even have an accent?

According to a new list of The Top 50 Sexiest Accents in the USA from Big 7 Travel, Californians are all over the map.

No other state made the list more than California.

Near the bottom of the list at 46th, meaning among the least “sexy,” is the California Valley accent – also known as the “Valley Girl” accent, perhaps best represented by the film “Clueless.”

Just a little higher on the list, but still pretty low at 34th, is the San Francisco accent. Big 7 Travel says this accent is characterized with “super fast words running into each other.” However, there seems to be a healthy debate over if San Franciscans even have an accent at all.

Somehow, the generic “Californian” accent comes in at number 10 on the list. Notably, this accent is considered by most Americans to be the lack of an accent – similar to General American, which ranks much lower at 32nd. However, the Californian accent makes vowels “super long” – which is somehow sexier, according to the list.

Aside from California, Long Islanders were ranked dead last on the list, while Bostonian and Texan accents took the top two spots as sexiest.

See the full ranking of sexiest US accents at Big 7 Travel’s website.


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