by Yasmeen Hassan

WILTON (CBS13) — Dozens and dozens of tiny frogs invaded a family’s home in Wilton Wednesday.

“My floor started moving. But it really wasn’t moving. It was frogs,” Deborah Knoll said.

Tiny Sierran tree frogs invaded Deborah Knoll’s home.

“They were on the cabinets. They were going that way. They were under the couches,” Knoll said.

Swipe below to see pictures of the frogs.

Deborah’s not alone. People on social media have been posting about this for the last 24 hours

“They witnessed some of the biggest migrations they’ve ever seen,” Chad Lane, a field herp, said.

“Last night it happened to a lot of us,” Deborah said.

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It all happened because of the spring storm. The warm spring rain came at the perfect time for the frogs.

“Right at the right moment where all these tadpoles were metamorphosing and so this system just came in at the perfect time to allow all of these animals to move,” Chad said.

And apparently, a lot of them moved right into Deborah’s home.

“In total there was probably about 150,” Deborah said.

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We could be in for more rain this week into next, but this invasion won’t last.

“The first couple nights will be the worst and then it’ll slow down,” Chad said.

Even if you do see some around your yard or in your house, they’re not dangerous to humans or our pets.

“They’re just living their lives like you and me,” said Chad.

Deborah didn’t mind the tiny invasion.

“It was really kind of fun to see them and see their little coming up. So it was a cool fun experience,” Deborah said.

Learn More about the tiny Sierran frogs here. 


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