by Anna Giles

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — All this rain has people who organized weekend events scrambling to find tents.

People who have weddings and fundraisers don’t want their events to be ruined. But one company CBS13 talked to, says the demand is beyond their capacity. Employees at Celebrations Party Rentals are doing their best to make everyone happy.

“I would say our phones have rang pretty much off the hook since the weather reports have started changing,” said manager Brad Isbell.

Isbell said they’ve gotten hundreds of additional calls, about 70#% more than they are used to getting this time of year.\

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“They want it right now and we say ‘Alright, let’s see what we can do,’ and we do our best for sure,” said Bree Beyers, a site inspector for the company.

Isbell said most of the Tahoe-area vendors he works with are always expecting random weather like this. Others are not.

“We’ve had to turn away more than half we’ve been working with. Vendors aren’t from the local area as well, as far a Reno and the Bay Area,” he said.

Although they’ve had to turn people away, Isbell said the goal is to try and meet everyone’s needs. But putting up these tents requires some time and previous inspection of the site.


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