By Steve Large

TURLOCK (CBS13) — A brazen burglar is now considered armed and dangerous for impersonating an officer.

He’s suspected of breaking into a law enforcement officer’s Turlock home and stealing weapons and tactical gear earlier this month. Since the break-in he’s been caught on surveillance cameras wearing the stolen gear, prowling several Turlock neighborhoods late at night.

Surveillance video from one camera shows the suspect caught on camera in a Turlock driveway at around 1 am May 10, wearing a bulletproof vest reading “Sheriff,” walking between two parked cars, and stopping briefly to check if the doors are unlocked, before walking out of frame.

The homeowner who recorded the video noticed the man is also wearing blue jeans and his shoelaces are untied. Those clues told her this was no deputy.

(credit: Turlock Police Department)

Turlock police agree, warning they believe this is the same man who broke into a law enforcement officer’s Turlock home earlier In May, stealing two handguns, a rifle, a Kevlar helmet, and two bulletproof vests with Velcro removable patches that read “Sheriff,” “DEA,” and “Officer.”

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Ron Visco lives next door to the home where the surveillance video recorded the man in the officer’s gear.

“It’s creepy,” Visco said. “Now he believes he has a shield, because of the phony stuff that he’s wearing. It’s almost a mocking situation, ‘catch me if you can.’”

Turlock police are warning the public to consider the man armed and dangerous. He was also caught on a surveillance camera wearing tactical gear at another home a mile away. For families in the area, this impersonating officer on the prowl is threatening their sense of safety.

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“He will be caught, there’s no question in my mind,” Visco said. “It’s a matter of time because he’s making mistakes.”

So far he’s been caught on camera. He’s still not in cuffs. Turlock police are warning people if they see this suspect, don’t approach him, call 911.


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