SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento nurse who put her life savings into a home on Sacramento’s U Street is now thinking of selling after having spent only one night in the house.

Homeless people have targeted the property moving into the garage and even taking a bath inside the home. The family says police aren’t doing enough and are fearful they will lose money now if they have to sell.

The homeowner says the property is now a nightmare. The young nurse is worried about her safety as drug addicts are making themselves at home in her home on more than one occasion.

The unwelcome visitors have targeted this home three times in less than a month. On May 5, someone used a golf club to destroy a surveillance camera attached to the garage.

One person was inside and left needles, propane tanks, and blankets.

He came again last night, riding up on a bike-and was startled that the home is occupied.

Police have been called and have taken reports but say there’s little they can do leaving the family surprised by the reason given.

“If they don’t actually physically come into your house and hurt you then they have to release and they don’t take them to prison or jail even because until you actually live here, says Signa Hodge, mother of the homeowner.

The home is occupied. The nurse that lives here hopes the problems don’t escalate even still if she sell she’ll have to disclose any problems to prospective buyers which makes her nervous.

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    9mm will prevent future unlawful entries…

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