RIPON (CBS13) – A Ripon father and his two sons had to spend the night in their pickup truck after they got stuck in the snow up in Tuolumne County over the weekend.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office says they got a report on Sunday morning about a man and his two sons who went out to scope out a campsite at Cherry Lake but never returned.

Deputies went up the trail to Cherry Lake and searched for the family but couldn’t find them.

The father and his two sons got stuck in the snow and had to spend the night before rescuers found them. (Credit: Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office)

Sunday morning, deputies say they got a call from a Ranger Station from the father. He said his vehicle had gotten stuck in the snow on Forest Road 1N86 near Cherry Lake.

Search and rescue crews soon found the family and helped dig them out. Rescue crews note that many areas of the road had been covered by snow from the storm this weekend.

The father and two boys didn’t suffer any injuries.

Authorities say the incident is a good reminder for people to do their research about any area they plan on traveling through. The family had only taken enough food and water for one day.