By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The growing anti-vax movement has spread to the pet population. Fewer dog and cat owners are opting to get their furry friends vaccinated.

One local dog owner told CBS13 when she got her dog his shots “his throat and face and eyes swelled up and he got hives all over his body.”

Veterinarians say that reaction is rare. They remind us most pets react just fine when they get vaccinated.

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Dr. Illiana Halperin told us, “It’s incredibly rare that we get an adverse reaction to a vaccine.”

How rare? One in 10,000, Halperin told CBS13. In fact, the real danger is what can happen when dogs or cats don’t get their shots, especially for things like Rabies or Parvo.

Experts say there’s no truth to the growing myth that pet vaccinations can routinely cause things like seizures, brain injuries or even death.

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Still, some aren’t convinced, telling us, “I mean I’m not gonna take that risk again.”

As a reminder, your pet is required to be “up” on their shots before you drop them off at a doggy daycare or a boarding facility. In California, by law, your puppy needs a Rabies shot by the time they’re four months old.

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If you still are hesitant, there is one way around some of the vaccinations, aside from the core vaccines. There’s a test you can have your vet give your dog or cat to see if they’re more vulnerable to certain diseases. Keep in mind, that test is expensive, but you only need to do it once.


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  1. Don Barr says:

    Get the initial series of vaccinations, and when it is time for boosters you can do an antibody titer instead to see if the original vacs are still good. Most dog vacs work way longer than the booster shot recommendation. You can check with the AVMA on the state requirements for vaccincation frequency.

    1. Jason Ledd says:

      Headline is wrong. AntiVax began with pets. And like humans, cancer caused by vaccinations is out of control. And vaccines did not stop epidemics in humans, it was the plumber and indoor plumbing. Google “pet vaccine cancer” and Google “wiki vaccine ingredients” then see if you still want to inject such chemicals into body.

      1. Larry Cline says:

        If you’re going to be an ignorant Luddite pinhead, at least have the intellectual consistency to post your screeds using a quill pen on parchment, rather than availing yourself of computers invented by people who AREN’T farking idiots.

  2. How on earth was this written? They present no evidence that there’s any sort of anti-vax movement in the pet owning community. They quote one woman – WHO ACTUALLY GOT THE SHOTS. And her concern over her pet having issues is evidence of some anti-vax conspiracy?

    “Fewer dog and cat owners are opting to get their furry friends vaccinated.” – based on WHAT?

    “Still some aren’t convinced” – quotes the SAME WOMAN who got the shots.

    People need to wake up and see what the media is doing.

    1. Well they DO have a narrative to fulfill… There’s a “crazy anti-vax conspiracy afoot!”

  3. Trust in wizard in the white coat

  4. We r3ecently lost a puppy to Parvo. It was horrifying. Vaccinate your pets and your kids people.

  5. Mike Man says:

    We lost a dog to Leptospirosis in October 2018. She was happy, healthy. fun-loving, affectionate 6 year old border collie. She started having signs (lethargy) and not interested in food on a Tuesday. Took her to the vet on Wednesday…elevated liver enzymes. Her kidneys shutdown on Thursday and she was dead by Friday. The test to confirm Lepto came back on Friday evening that she was positive…we had no clue what we were fighting. She had all the core vaccines but this was a situational vaccine and she didn’t fit the profile. Lepto is up and coming because of all the wet warm weather in the mid-Atlantic USA. I still have nightmares having to put her down. Vaccinate your dog against this evil bacteria.

  6. Kimberly Lyons-Neel says:

    Anti-vaxers are welcome to relocate to Alabama!

    1. And vaxxers can go to Kalifornia to collect their post-term abortions Hurry, before it’s outlawed!.

  7. So, 1 in 10k is extremely rare for a dog vaccine, but 1 in 10k of someone dying of measles is an emergency epidemic that requires everyone to get vaccinated with a vaccine never proven to be safe (there is no official science behind it’s safety, but plenty of info for its lack of safety.) Isn’t that just something…

    1. Goldie Stilman says:

      I LOVE your reply.

  8. Larry Cline says:

    What a surprise: ignorant, irresponsible pinhead parents turn out to be ignorant, irresponsible pinhead pet owners too.

  9. Jebus Krist!
    These anti-vaxxers have gone full reT/\RD

  10. Goldie Stilman says:

    Anyone read the Immunology Bulletin on feline vaccinations and adjuvants put out by Dr. Ford & Wolf? Those veterinarians don’t seem like “anti-vaxxers” to me.

  11. My cat is 19 and looks like a 5 year old kitten. Only once vaccinated as kitten. People are waking up to the vaccine lies.

  12. Supremely misleading propaganda. every time anyone says “anti-vax movement” anywhere- RUN!

    It is a compound fallacy; a strawman and ad hominem. A “strawman” because the vast majority of people and pet owners want SAFER vaccination interventions; and for THAT in most cases to be a CHOICE, and the CIA Operation Mockingbird Mass (and now Fascist Liberal Social) Media has spun the term “anti-vaxxer” to be the new and latest “conspiracy theorist” or “Holocaust denialist” epithet, aimed at intimidating and marginalizing the true enemies of fascist medicine and globaliste tyrannical government::

    Informed Consumers.

    1. Doug Thompson says:

      Spot on. And of course your comment is all the way at the bottom. Hey, I’d rather be called an “anti-vaxxer” by a bunch of lab rats then be inside the cage with them. They have Stockholm Syndrome because they can’t think for themselves. But hey, as long as they’re happy, keep taking those shots. They can go ahead and be guinea pigs if that’s what they want. If they wanna call me an “anti-vaxxer” to feel intelligent or morally superior… hey go right ahead. It’s just part of their programing.

  13. Nancy Tanner says:

    You might want to read the PURDUE VACCINE STUDY of 1992. It has been known for years that over vaccinating is responsible for 1 in 2 having autoimmune issues or cancer, that is every other family pet! Vaccine injuries are not rare not rare at all – please read vaccine adverse effects from Dr. Ronald Schultz, retired now but was the leading immunopathobiologist at University Wisconsin – There is nothing anti-vaxx about being educated, discerning, and smart about what goes into your animals body, just like your own. This article is just a hit piece to sell more product, and poor journalism.

  14. anti vaxxer gives off a bad vibe to make them look “crazy”. It’s just pro safety and doing the medicine as it should have been. once every 7 years… but time goes by and vets need money so it becomes 4 boosters then yearly boosters… like humans.. you only need one shot.. (if thats what you choose).. the next ones are “just in case” the first one didn’t work and are not necessary.

  15. fyi 1 in 1.5 dogs now will get cancer in their life. Wonder why

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