SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) – A trio of stray Chihuahuas were pulled out from under the Solano County house they had made a home under.

Solano Sheriff’s Animal Control Services says officers responded to the home recently to get the dogs out.

The crawlspace where the dogs had made a home. (Credit: Solano Sheriff’s Animal Control Services)

Somehow, the dogs had gotten into a crawlspace and made a home for themselves.

Officers quickly trapped two of the three dogs, but the third dog gave them a hard time.

The trio after being pulled out of the home. (Credit: Solano Sheriff’s Animal Control Services)

It took one officer having to go into the crawlspace to capture and get the dog out.

“While [the dog] wasn’t sure of the situation, he felt all better when reunited with his friends,” animal control wrote in a Facebook post.

The dogs are now at the shelter. (Credit: Solano Sheriff’s Animal Control Services)

The dogs are now all in the care of the Solano County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Division. All three will be held on a stray hold for the time being, so it’s unclear if and when they’ll be up for adoption.


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