by Rob Malcolm

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – On Saturday morning, diners at an IHOP restaurant on North Sunrise Avenue got more than they ordered as the watched a police K-9 officer take down a suspect who barged into the restaurant acting erratically.

What happened at the restaurant Saturday morning certainly wasn’t on the menu, and the man who filmed it all says he did so for the safety of himself and others.

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Victor Alarcon never expected to film this as he sat down for a meal on Saturday morning.

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“I thought it was some sort of prank, but instead…he was barging in and making a huge scene,” said Alarcon.

The man in the video is 24-year-old Ryan James Heater, who, police say, threatened staff and jumped a service counter as he looked for his wife who works at the restaurant.

Victor Alarcon

“I guess he wanted her to quit or something, so yeah, he decided to grab her — not in a harmful way — but he was ‘okay honey, we need to leave,’” said Alarcon.

The encounter escalated and customers called the police who arrived in minutes.

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Trying to de-escalate the situation, the officer shouted warnings and commands. He and his canine backed up to give the man space, but as he moved forward what happened next had the customers pinned against the glass in shock.

Alarcon was there for a meal, but instead of taking a bite out of his food, he watched the K-9 officer take a bite out of crime.

“He grabbed his mouth and just shut it, which is crazy. I’d be frightened to do something like that,” said Alarcon.

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Heater was booked into the South Placer Jail on charges of resisting arrest.

“Huge, muscular…when he was punching walls at one point and trying to break one of the doors, he was going at it pretty hard,” said Alarcon.

A cinematography student, Alarcon’s video has been viewed 7,000 times on Facebook. He never thought this video would make him an internet sensation.

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The suspect received medical attention prior to being booked into jail on charges of resisting arrest. One police officer received sustained minor injuries in the takedown and arrest.