by Anna Giles

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — An Elk Grove teenager posted a video to her Twitter account showing a man going off on a racist rant as she sat in her car at a popular park.

In the video, the man refuses to leave her alone and questions her immigration status. This happened last week in the parking lot at Laguna Community Park.

The teen in the video said this all started when the man came over and asked if she was his Uber. When she said no, things escalated.

In the video, the man uses expletives to question why the girl is there and goes on to claim she’s not a U.S. citizen.

The girl repeatedly asks him to leave, he told her no, and that she doesn’t belong here.

“As a parent, and someone in this community, obviously that behavior is appalling,” said Jason Jimenez with Elk Grove Police.

Jimenez said the department talked with the teenager’s family about this. Jimenez said police have had issues with this man before, but wouldn’t elaborate.

“We would suggest to people that are in incidents like that to quickly call us,” he said.

The man was not arrested and can’t be charged with anything in this situation. Jimenez said an arrest would require some form of violence such as property damage or assault.

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The harassment seen here is shocking to local mom Alicia Reynhea.

“I was just there over the weekend and if someone were to every approach my son like that, I would be heated,” she said.

Elk Grove police said the man was harassing other people the same day this video was taken, but they are unsure if that was also racially motivated.

(Warning: The video does have some explicit language.)

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  1. Emily Strom says:

    This same man harrassed me and my friends (and a couple of teens) outside of Tapioca and Tea in Laguna last year. The cops were called and he was taken away, but it is chilling to see that he is harrassing other people. My friends and I went in to our car and called the cops after he began bothering us while we were eating and when we were in the car he began harrassing these two teen boys that were outside of the shop as well. He began screaming and pointing at one of them claiming that he had a gun & i was terrified that the cops were going to come and pull their guns on the kid thinking that he was dangerous so I got out of the car & confronted him & eventually pulled my phone out to start filming. This man is a menace and a racist and should be taken off of the streets.

  2. Dee Mack says:

    Whooped his ass,problem solved.

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