By Rachel Wulff

FOLSOM (CBS13) — A Folsom jewelry store owner is warning others to be on the lookout for burglars breaking in with a new strategy: cutting the power.

In surveillance video shot May 21, two would-be burglars are seen scoping out Adrian Blanco Jewelry in Folsom.

“Low and behold I turn on my camera and see these two guys lurking outside my store,” said Adrian Blanco.

Blanco decided to check when he received a notification his power was out.

“What was suspicious was it was 11 p.m. and they were covering their faces,” Blanco said.

Blanco knew right away what was happening.

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“This has been happening. The power gets shut down and burglars are trying to see how soon you respond,” Blanco said.

This power-grab tactic is on the rise nationwide. The Jewelers Security Alliance says it’s received more than 30 reports of burglars severing power lines to disable alarm systems in seven states. They do it after hours and then wait and watch. Sometimes cutting through drywall or even a roof.

This time they didn’t take anything but Blanco believes they ran into an iron gate he installed across his storefront after thieves hit last October.

He says that cost him almost $15,000. He is being more cautious now, pulling all merchandise at night. But he admits his electric panel wasn’t locked.

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Law enforcement says locking those panels, cameras, lighting around them and landscaping will deter theft.

“They are not typically pretty- they are covered by shrubbery and often overgrown. And hasn’t been cared for.
So cutting that back and exposing some of the box areas…” said Sacramento Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Tess Deterding.

Law enforcement hasn’t seen this kind of break-in a lot around here. That’s why Blanco wants to alert stores. Also, it’s a good idea to set up your alarm system so when the power goes out, you get an alert on your phone.


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