by Greg Liggins

DAVIS (CBS13) — They are creepy, they are crawly, and they may be coming to a home or office near you. And in some cases, they are already there.

“I’ve been noticing a lot more cockroaches, especially at work,” said David Romero.

These are the unwanted guests that sometimes invade our lives…cockroaches. David Romero says when he went into the office kitchen recently one night, he saw lots of these creepy critters.

“It was pretty bad, so I informed everybody the next day and right away and the next day they called the exterminator,” said Romero

We’ve had a whacky year weatherwise, and this bug expert from UC Davis says it’s partly to blame.

“Temperate weather, the sort of moderate temperatures we’ve been getting and a lot of the rainfall can promote populations of many insects,” said Dr. Sharon Lawler, an entomologist at U.C. Davis.

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Exterminators confirm they’ve had a higher volume of calls recently from homeowners who want these guys gone. To get rid of them yourself, professor Lawler says to make sure windows and doors are sealed, use sticky traps, and insect-fighting dust.

“There’s boric acid dust and diatomaceous earth dust. You don’t want to breathe these but they aren’t very harmful,” said Lawler.

Roaches also eat almost anything, and leaving food out can attract them. They’re more active at night but are more of a nuisance than a danger. So, if roaches were bugging this entomologist, this is how would she personally handle it.

“Actually, my cats are pretty much on top of any bug in the house, but if I had a major infestation I would probably opt for the boric acid in the cracks,” said Lawler.

Even though cockroaches are not considered dangerous, they can carry bacteria so it’s important to keep them away from any food in the house.