By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Delta is known for its scenic views and wildlife but when it’s several feet from your bedroom window, it can be an issue.

(credit: Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue Group)

Hundreds of herons and egrets have invaded several apartment complexes, but you might say we invaded them first as the Pocket area used to be wetlands.

We all remember the Alfred Hitchcock thriller “The Birds,” where killer birds invade a seaside town. The Pocket area is seeing a similar type of invasion, just not the killer kind.

These herons and egrets may sound pterodactyl-like but they are only doing what Mother Nature intended.

“They said around this time a lot of reproducing is going to happen,” said Dejuan Walls.

It’s their breeding season and that means hundreds of egrets and herons are searching for their soulmate. Sometimes the process gets a little noisy.

“Some birds take a nap. These birds don’t believe in sleep. They be up like at one, two in the morning, sounding off,” said Walls.

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“Nobody warned me,” said David Lake, who has a birds-eye view from his second story apartment. “I love these big beautiful trees and part of what comes with them are the birds.”

He says the mess they leave behind on cars, signs and sidewalks is an inconvenience. But it’s their struggle for survival he was more concerned with. Not all of them make it and can fall prey to dogs and cats.

“Last year I found an adolescent at the bottom of that tree that was stranded he couldn’t get back up,” Lake said.

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That’s when he reached out to the Sacramento heron and egret rescue group. Jan Roberson volunteers there.

“We come out here every day sometimes twice a day depending on how many volunteers we have,” Roberson said.

They are tasked with trapping the birds and taking them elsewhere. Lake is glad he could help do his part in what has become almost like a wildlife refuge.

“It’s just for a season and then it will be blissfully quiet again,” Lake said.


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