SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Sacramento County residents could start seeing more feral cats, if the proposed budget goes through. It would cut nearly $400,000 from animal control, and effectively end free spay and neutering programs. That means more feral cats on the streets, and few options for shelters.

“I think that they’re going to have to make the hard choices that’s all there is to it and a lot of animals will not make it out,” Maria Naumann, with Community Spat Neuter, said.

So why the cuts? Elk Grove used to pay the county to take care of its stray animals, but now, the city is getting its own shelter so there’s no need to pay the county.

Animal advocates say more feral cats mean more diseases. If they’re not vaccinated, that puts your pets at risk.

“When you add 5,000 cats to the community they’re not happy-go-lucky, oh life is great. They have to fight for survival they have to fight for food they have to fight for reproduction they have to fight for everything their life expectancy is very short and very cruel,” said Sacramento SPCA CEO Kenn Altine.

There will be a public meeting tomorrow about the proposed budget. The public is invited to attend and share their opinions.


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