By Marissa Perlman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento soared past triple-digit temperatures on Tuesday.

This kind of heat is rare for Northern California this early in the year, and caught some people by surprise across the area.

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Despite dangerously high temperatures this early in the season, kids are out in full force at summer camp. Parents have to work, and lifeguards and staff are responsible for keeping these kids cool and safe.

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Five hundred kids took to the pool at the Wackford Aquatic Complex for CSD summer camp.

“We’re all just looking out for each other,” said site Director Lexi Jackson. “In the mornings, we usually do our outdoor activities, keeping them hydrated and remind them to have water. We have breaks for them in between.”

Jackson says they’re preparing for triple digits, even during the first week of camp. Staff will rotate the kids through air conditioning during peak sun hours.

“We’re ready. We have activities ready for the day [and] if it’s too hot, we come inside to try something new,” she said.

But for kids at the pool, cooling off is their number one strategy.

“Today is feeling super hot,” a camper told us. “The ground is super hot, so that’s kind of concerning, but the water feels so good because it’s so hot outside.”

Some jobs across the area keep employees outside all day. For lifeguards, even in dangerous heat, they’re feeling it.

Sarah Gambrill pool manager at the Aquatic Center said, “They jump in the pool on their breaks, but they have perseverance and they get used to the heat.”

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But she says there’s really no relief from the sun. Staff keep an eye on the forecast, and prepare days ahead of their shift.

“We tell our lifeguards to drink water the day before or the day after, so they’re coming and hydrated and staying hydrated that day as well,” Gambrill said.

In Natomas, construction workers have no choice, but to the job done by deadline.

“It starts getting too much in terms of heat when we went from 80 to 100 fast,” one foreman said.

For at least eight hours a day, they’re working in the hot sun.

But they strategize with water, and full-head coverage.

“When we walk around the building, it protects you from your neck, and it helps you, so you could have shade,” he said.

At the Sacramento Zoo, the animals are faring just fine.

“In addition to our animals, we do have peoples lives to worry about including our visitors,” said Lara Kirkendell with the Sacramento Zoo.

It’s the staff working out on the blacktop that are most effected by the heat.

“We were ready with our plan, but it was the keepers who were like, “it was so hot today, we were moving a little slower,” she said.

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Everyone is preparing for another triple digit day Wednesday.

Marissa Perlman