MODESTO (CBS13) — Modesto police are on the hunt for a suspect who killed a Modesto woman in an early morning downtown alley shooting.

Police dispatch recordings describe the first moments after the shooting, at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Dispatcher: “…advising they heard one shot and heard screaming coming from behind the residence.”

Officer: “Copy do we have any suspect info?”

Dispatcher: “No, negative not yet.”

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Modesto police now say 30-year-old McKayla Dollard is the victim of the shooting, who died from a gunshot wound.

Her Facebook profile picture showed a bright-eyed young lady with a friendly smile.

Dollard was shot once in an alleyway near 6th Street and F Street. Flowers and candles now mark the scene with a small memorial.

Several people nearby called the police to report the shooting, but the suspect took off before the police arrived.

“It’s horrible, it’s scary,” neighbor Wendy Sills said. “I don’t know what to think.”

“No one deserves to get that,” neighbor Margaret Diaz said.

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People who live in the apartment complex on the other side of the fence from the alley heard the gunshot and shouting that followed.

“That ‘she got shot, she’s dying, she’s dying,’” Diaz said.

Neighbors say the alley has become a haven for homeless camps and drug use, and that they had seen Dollard in the area recently.

Children’s toys sit outside apartments just yards from where the deadly shooting took place.

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“It’s really scary because I have kids,” Diaz said. “They’re not allowed to come outside.”

Now police are searching for a suspect in this deadly shooting that left a young woman dead and put this neighborhood on edge.

“Thirty years old,” Sill said. “What a shame. Just like that, her life’s gone.”

Modesto police have not released a motive or suspect description yet. A spokesperson described the shooting an isolated event.


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