By Anna Giles

FAIR OAKS (CBS13) — A woman went into a Fair Oaks car wash and came out with her windshield shattered.

Jennifer Shevchuk said she was scared for her life. The car wash company, Waterfly, is calling it a fluke accident.

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Shevchuk said last Thursday she decided to go for a free car wash at the Waterfly off Sunrise Blvd. She said everything was fine at first until some of the machinery started pounding against her window.

“Worst case scenario ran through my head and I thought for sure that was it, I thought that was it,” she said.

Just thinking of the experience brought her to tears. Shevchuk was one of the first to go through the car wash when it opened.

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“The bristles caught my windshield wiper and just started slamming my wipers into the center of the glass every time,” she said.

Shevchuk shared photos on social media of glass shattered everywhere. She said she hit the car behind her several times as this was happening.

“I covered my face as much as I could with my arms and I just sat there and started praying,” she said.

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Waterfly store manager Alex Gonzalez said this happened because the top brush malfunctioned. He said the company has fixed the issue and takes the incident seriously.

“I was terrified. I said ‘Oh my god is she ok?’ So I opened the door and she looked a little rattled so the first thing I said was ‘Ma’am are you ok?’” Gonzalez said.

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Gonzalez said his company offered to pay for all the damage to the car and have it towed to a body shop. He said one of his employees hit the emergency stop button as soon as he saw what was happening.

“I monitored the brush for about 30 minutes and then I switched myself out with somebody else to watch for the rest of the day and it was working properly,” Gonzalez said.

Waterfly reopened one hour after this happened to Shevchuk’s car.

Gonzalez felt 100% safe doing this and said he had the go-ahead from mechanics. Shevchuk thought the decision was questionable.

“I have family with children who go through the car wash all the time and I cannot imagine being there with my kids,” Shevchuk said.

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The store manager at Waterfly said more than 2,000 cars have passed through this wash safely since this happened last week.