by Dan Mitchinson

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento-area school districts are helping kids get a free meal even when school is not in session.

There are no income requirements and no paperwork. If kids show up at Rosemont High or at one of 32 schools in Sacramento Unified School District, they can enjoy a free breakfast or lunch.

There are about 12 million kids who live in homes without enough food, according to They will wake up hungry.

During the school year, a lot of the kids can count on getting one meal at school, but when school is out for the summer and parents don’t have enough food at home to feed them, the question is what do you do?

“We have strawberries from Salinas and Watsonville area, we have watermelon coming up from the valley. Kids can come out and enjoy some local food sourced from here right here in our general area,” said a school district spokesperson.

Over the years, they have been serving lunch here at Rosemont, but now they have a breakfast program and that has proven more than successful. Kids are lining up for the most important meal of the day that will be served from now until 9 and then they will get lunch underway.

If you are wondering if your child’s school takes part in the program, text the word “food” to 877877 and find out what time breakfast and lunch will be served and if your school is taking part.

  1. marlene hessler says:

    FUNNY, I thought the purpose of schools was to TEACH, reading, writing, arithmetic. And, as an aside give unfed kids a peanut butter sandwich education So the liberal loons have now subverted education and turned schools into soup lines and as an aside seek commandeering their brains for their own purposes.

    WAKE UP AMERICANS. Just because something is ‘good’ to do does not mean it should subvert the original intended purpose of agencies.

    This should be done by Salvation Army or other social entity, NOT THE SCHOOLS.

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