SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom and a state lawmaker have reached a compromise on legislation aimed at cracking down on fraudulent medical exemptions for vaccinations.

The measure by Democratic Sen. Richard Pan would give public health officials more oversight of doctors and schools with high numbers of medical exemptions. But it would not require them to approve every exemption request.

Newsom expressed doubts about giving state officials the authority to decide which children can skip their shots before attending school. The Democratic governor said that he wouldn’t want bureaucrats making personal decisions for his family.

Under the new bill, health officials will concentrate on doctors who write five or more exemptions each year and schools with a vaccination rate below 95 percent.

It still needs approval from both legislative chambers.

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  1. Maggie Corbin says:

    It’s reprehensible that the governor and a single state senator–two people here, folks–can “reach agreement” on this needless proposed law, which offers only more state overreach, more government intrusion into personal matters, and a huge price tag to California taxpayers. It’s disgusting that the governor has “agreed” with Sen. Richard Pan to witch-hunt only those doctors who write 5 or more medical exemptions–did these guys roll dice to come up with that number? Pan’s proposed SB276 is a boondoggle and a betrayal of the promises made by him and all the pushers of SB277, who assured the public that even though the State was taking away parents’ right to philosophical exemptions to vaccination, the right to medical exemptions would remain inviolate. Until they agree that it’s not. Liars, all of ’em.

  2. Bradley Scott Roon says:

    We are a common law man. i am man. i am here as man and only as man. Thus, your legal person statuses for me do not provide you with ANY authority over me. Man/woman are sovereign. That means i have authority over myself and my property. That includes minor children. Not possessions – property.
    The same Supreme Court ruling which states that man/woman are sovereign (we the people, who create govt. are superior to govt because govt cannot create man/woman) states that govt and corporations are NOT sovereign – thus govt has no authority over itself, nor does govt have authority over govt property. We the people do.
    So when an agent of govt starts literally DICTATING ( yes, as in dictatorship ) they are doing so without any legitimate authority.

    Pan nor Gov Newsom have any authority over me.

  3. I’m a native Californian, and I am so disgusted with my state at this point. This bill targets the less than 1% of kids with a medical exemption, at a cost of millions. And it is going to hurt those kids and their families. Even if you think there are a couple of doctors who are writing fraudulent medical exemptions, you don’t spend millions of dollars and hurt kids in order to catch them. This is a criminal bill, and Senator Pan – who promised a robust medical exemption in order to get SB 277 passed – is a pathological liar.

    I also don’t see where ANY of the concerns Governor Newsom expressed earlier were actually addressed. So what exactly changed his mind? Was he pressured? Blackmailed? This just makes absolutely no sense.

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