By Marissa Perlman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — “No good deed goes unpunished.” That’s what members of the California Conservation Corps are saying Tuesday.

They came back from completing community service to find their cars vandalized in the agency parking lot.

“Some people cried because they didn’t know what to do,” said Corps member Remington Millan.

“Hard work, low pay, terrible conditions and more” is the slogan at the California Conservation Corps. But these were not the kind of conditions Corps members were expecting Tuesday night.

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After a long day fixing the lights at a Sacramento public school, Millan and his coworkers saw their cars damaged in the parking lot.

“It was shocking because at first, we thought it was just a crack or a reflection in the mirror. Then, we noticed a whole array of other cars,” Millan said.

Someone had smashed the windows and doors of at least eight employee vehicles.

“The marks show how it all went down,” Millan said.

Swipe through pictures of the damage

Now, they’re facing thousands of dollars in damage.

“A lot of us can’t go to work, because our cars can’t legally be driven,” said Millan.

As part of the one-year program, Corps members make less than minimum wage but have completed more than 200 community service hours.

That’s why Millan says this situation is so frustrating.

“It was a big thing, because it hit us at home. It hit us where we do a lot for the community,” Millan said.

The culprit was caught on surveillance, which can’t be released until the investigation is complete. Millan says security in this part of town is a concern.

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“The neighborhood isn’t that great, just off of Richards Boulevard. It’s definitely a concern every day we come in,” he said.

But he says his team is like family, and together they’ll continue to serve the community.

“Bad things always happen to good people,” he said.

One of the state-owned cars was damaged. Because of that, the California Highway Patrol is handling the investigation. They’ll look to surveillance video to see who is responsible.

Marissa Perlman


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