SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A sign of the times. Dimple Records, a staple in the greater Sacramento area, is closing up shop.

The store, founded in 1974, is closing all seven of its locations. The owners say a lot of things played into the decision to close. Part of that being the owner and his wife want to spend time at home.

“He’s almost 75, he wants to retire,” said co-owner Dilyn Radakovitz.

Another reason is the changing industry.

“You can just stream, you can get your CDs, you can get your books, you can get your movies, you can get your video games,” Dilyn Radakovitz said.

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But for some, it’s just not the same.

“I actually had tears in my eyes when I heard it. Music means a lot to me,” said customer Ian Maahs.

Starting off as a vinyl store in 1974, Dimple has evolved, now selling comics, movies, and more. It’s a privilege the owners don’t take lightly.

“I just love serving the community,” Radakovitz said. “We’ve had a good run. I mean 45 years! Come on. That’s good.

But for Loyal customers, even 45 years is not enough.

“It’s just sort of something I would do, stop in at Dimple to shake off the day and spend a few minutes looking at music, find something great to go listen to at night. It was important and it’s got me sad that it’s not going to be here anymore,” Maahs said.


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