by Yasmeen Hassan

AUBURN (CBS13) — A burglar takes off with a woman’s $30,000 ring. Weeks later, she has it back and it’s all thanks to the owners of an Auburn Jewelry store.

Esther Morse and her husband returned home one night last month to find things were rummaged through.

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“My heart just sank. Oh my god. We must have been robbed,” Morse said.

The burglar knew right where to go — the jewelry chest — and took off with a 20th-anniversary present, a $30,000 diamond ring.

“I opened it up and my ring was gone. My heart sank,” Morse said.

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A police report was filed, but weeks went by with no leads until a man walked into Golden Swan Jewelry to sell the nearly three-carat ring for $2,000.

“Immediately it hit me that stolen because you see it that diamond is almost $30,000, but why is he selling it so cheap?” Golden Swann Jewelry owner Ben Swann said.

Realizing someone was missing this ring, they needed to help. They gave the man the $2,000, got his information, and sent it straight to the police.

“I know I’m going to lose the money but I buy it to save somebody. Maybe we take a chance,” Swann said.

That chance paid off. Officers were able to connect the police report with the information from the jewelry store. Now the ring is back where it belongs.

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“I am just so happy happy, elated and thankful. There are so many good people around here who are honest,” Morse said. “Money we make it it doesn’t matter but making somebody happy to me is a wonderful day I’ve never been happier in my life like that.”