STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Lyft driver who followed directions provided by their phone’s navigation app turned and ended up getting stuck because there wasn’t a road.

According to CHP in Stockton, a driver was using the Waze navigation app and was told to take a turn. They took the turn, but went off the road and into an orchard where they got stuck in the mud.

(credit: Stockton CHP)

Officers remind drivers that, despite what their navigation app tells them, they should be aware of their surroundings so accidents like this don’t occur.

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  1. Mike Gallego says:

    As a gig economy driver I assure you a GPS app is less reliable than your own eyes and mind once you’re within 200-500 ft. of your destination. Driverless cars will be a nightmare.

  2. Turn off the offroad functions. 🙂

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