SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  People who live in the North Sacramento neighborhood where rookie cop Tara O’Sullivan was shot Wednesday were being let back home on a case by case basis Thursday evening.

Police are still piecing together this investigation.

Adel Sambrano Ramos’ booking photo. (Credit: Sacramento Police Department)

We spoke with the family who lives across the street from the suspected shooter, Adel Ramos. They are not surprised to hear this happened.

“It sounded like the shots went down the street, came back up the street, and around the corner,” said Tresheia Solomon.

She had just pulled into her driveway when she first heard the gunshots.

“At least 100 shots rang off before I was able to get out of the car,” she said.

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She and family live across the street from where this fatal shooting happened.

“I heard some handgun shots, and some it sounded like machine gun,” Tresheia Solomon said.

Solomon and her mom Tina ran for cover in the backyard.

“We are just sitting there hunkered down, just hoping nobody comes in our backyard to shoot us,” Tina Solomon said.

Since then, Solomon and her family have been holed up at the Hampton Inn in West Sacramento. They were evacuated and escorted from their home by a police tanker. Now they’re terrified to return home.

“I heard the screams. I heard them say, ‘What are you doing? Stop that, put that down,” said Tina Solomon.

But they’re not surprised to hear Adel Ramos is the suspected shooter.

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“It’s not a shock, not a shock at all,” said Solomon.

They say Ramos has harassed the women and kids who live at their home. They’ve even tried filing a restraining order.

“We told everyone he was crazy, he could see it in his eyes, and his personality. That man had straight issues,” Tina Solomon said.

The Solomon family says they’ve had problems with Ramos for five years, and have brought Ramos to court three times.

They also weren’t surprised to hear of his history of domestic violence.

Ramos surrendered early Thursday morning and was charged with murder.

Marissa Perlman


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