by Greg Liggins

YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) – Some displaced victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise will soon have another place to live in Yuba County.

It’s a project that’s underway right now in Olivehurst to provide them with homes. Construction on the homes began about 40 days ago and the plan is to have the homes ready for victims of the deadly, destructive fire by January. Progress is being made quickly, so it’s likely to happen much sooner than that.

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Eugene Graham is one of thousands of people displaced by the Camp Fire. Only weeks ago, he was living in his truck, but just recently, he moved into a FEMA trailer at the Yuba County Fairgrounds where other Camp Fire victims live.

“This is only temporary right now. I hope to get something better,” said Graham.

That “something” could potentially become one of the eight two-bedroom units now under construction on Riverside Drive in Olivehurst. It’s transitional housing to help people get back on their feet.

The project, called Hope Vista, backed by the Salvation Army, was in the works prior to the Camp Fire, but now fire victims are being given priority.

“We want to do our best to help them out and so they two don’t become part of the homeless crisis,” said Julius Murphy of the Salvation Army.

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Details are still in the works, but families will likely be the first eligible to move into the 1,000-square-foot homes that will be turn-key ready.

“We’re securing sponsorships…to fully furnish these homes so that the families…all they really have to come in with is the clothes on their backs,” said Murphy.

You could call the project phase one because because the Salvation Army would like to buy more land in the area.


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