By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Immigration officials were expected to begin a mass roundup on Sunday of 2,000 migrants in 10 cities across the U.S. — including San Francisco and Los Angeles, but those roundups have since been delayed.

But despite a two-week delay of Ice Raids ordered by President Trump, faith and immigration leaders are mobilizing and getting undocumented communities ready, including in Sacramento.

“It’s reinvigorated our community to be ahead and ready to react and ready to provide safe refuge to people that need it,” said Alan Steinberg, former President at Congregation B’Nai Israel.

While Sacramento has not officially been named in the 10 cities being targeted, the news has certainly spiked fears in the local undocumented community.

“It’s not a great way to go about your life. It’s a constant anxiety,” said Fatima Diaz.

Diaz is an undocumented immigrant, a Sacramento State senior, and DACA recipient, brought to the states at just 11-months-old, never knowing about her legal status until she says she attempted to join the military.

She told CBS13, President Trump’s call for Ice Raids reminds her of a time when she witnessed seeing family members be deported.

“As a young kid having to see that it’s almost traumatizing,” said Diaz.

While Diaz says her immediate family will not be directly impacted by this looming roundup of undocumented immigrants, she has extended family and friends who are terrified.

“They have established footing here, they have families, and it’s scary to think they might lose it all,” she said.

A local faith-based organization, Sacramento Act, says since the President’s announcement they’ve been inundated with calls of concern and are using this two-week delay to calm fears, even handing out yellow hotline cards if ICE comes knocking.

We have a rapid response hotline, in case someone is in the presence of ICE, or if a loved one has been detained,” said Diana Campos with Sacramento Act. 

President Trump says ICE will be targeting undocumented migrants who either missed a court hearing or receive deportation orders.

”We stand ready to house them in our congregation,” said Steinberg.

Faith leaders at Congregation B’Nai Israel in Sacramento are mobilizing resources and say it’s their moral and religious obligation to step up and protect the community. Those they shelter will go through a vetting process, and if ICE should attempt to raid a house of worship… ”If they do, we will assert every legal right we have to protect our guests,” said Steinberg.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says if notified of an ICE raid, the department would not participate.

A spokesperson added, “The Sheriff’s Office does not anticipate sharing any offender information with ICE. If information was shared, it would be in compliance with SB 54.”

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  1. I’m generally supportive of the religious community even though I’m not spiritual at all. That support is waining when they protect those who violate our immigration laws.

  2. Russ William says:

    Are they saying we have no right to a border or to enforce who enters the country? Bust down the doors and arrest those who have warrants against them.

    1. Susan Bolle says:

      Sounds a bit like anarchy. There are people attempting to destroy a country that most of the world wants to live in. Many of these ”churches” are funded by the usual culprits.

  3. John Magee says:

    We must consider taxiing churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, colleges, and universities. It’s time they start to pay their fair share by supporting the welfare state with their vast tax free wealth. Religious charities suck billions of $ from the Federal Government every year to resettle migrants and refugees. That isn’t charity it our tax dollars taking care of people who break our Federal immigration laws passed by Congress. How nice the good rabbi chose to give these migrants sanctuary. Let’s see how that works out in a year when the numbers are in the millions. Somehow I think the novelty will have worn out by then.

  4. Big Mama says:

    Conspiracy..aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice,,needs to be felonies..SMACK EM!!

  5. So called Religious “leaders” are no different than most political “leaders”, they are in it for themselves and pushing THEIR belief system. They feel themselves morally superior when in reality both Religious and Political “leaders” have never worked a real job or had to meet a real payroll in their lives. Why anyone listens to men (and women) that live “outside” of real life and would listen to them that have no “experience” in real day to day lives beats me. Let them get a job and a home and pay for medical and education costs…yeah thought so THEY dont do that……

  6. Rick Oringel says:

    If ICE arrests immigrants who had their day in court and were refused sanctuary, then the religious community are acting like fools to question the government. Is there any religious dignity if people broke the law and deserve to be sent home.

  7. Sigmund Silber says:

    I am an Orthodox Jew and support the U.S. and consider Jews who do not to be traitors who should be brought to justice.

  8. Joyce Stevens says:

    You want to protect these illegals. We will also let you pay for their education, housing, healthcare, legal bills, clothing, food, etc. Go for it.

  9. John Larson says:

    when most of your congregation is illegals, you support illegals

  10. Robert Cat says:

    We need to arrest everyone who aids and abets the illegals!! We also need to throw out all the illegals. Trump needs to stop talking and start taking action.

  11. Buddy Burke says:

    Have American liberals ever been caught doing anything that wasn’t some petty protest statement against their own country?

  12. Jim Thomas says:

    Do these clowns seriously believe they’re immune from a Federal court order because they’re hiding inside a church? It’s like a dog hiding behind the drapes after its pooped on the floor. We can still see you!

  13. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    I’m trying to imagine what Israel would do is Christians living there decided to offer sanctuary to illegals in that country. In any case, a religion that breaks the law is a criminal enterprise and should be treated as such. Apply RICO statutes.

  14. bvikay says:

    They are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens according to the US code. That is the LAW.

  15. Jon Aronson says:

    That’s not a synagogue, that’s a Reform Temple. Only Reform Jews would break Federal Law in the name of the idiocy of Progressive-ism thinking that is a part of their calling of Tikun Olam in which they think they are doing good, but are doing incalculable evil!


    The current migration at our border is costing taxpayers a Kings ransom ($17,000 per day ABC news.) Fleeing persecution? or fleeing for freebies? they sure don’t stay in Mexico when they reach “safety” or ask or offered political asylum in Mexico. Why? because Mexico will give them NOTHING. So they make the long journey to our border, our generous Democrats, and our tax dollars.

    We have Democrat / Socialist / Activists in the Northern Triangle of South America & Mexico; even as you read this instructing the populations the “benefits” & laws of coming to the USA and to make sure you bring your children and use the the magic words…..”credible fear.” Mexico recently arrested two socialist activists who were instrumental in the organizing of prior caravans,

    Then you have a Democrat House saying the crisis is “manufactured” as literally thousands attack our border daily? National Sovereignty is a myth to Democrats. The crisis is manufactured…by the Democrats themselves. Make no mistake about this, Democrats want this to happen and never stop.. They will with hold border security support allowing as many illegal aliens to enter the country as possible overwhelming our BP & ICE before assisting in border security (if ever.).


    To Democrats/Progressives/Socialists (whats the difference?) programs like Temporary Protective Status (TPS) or Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals (DACA) are permanent programs. There is nothing “temporary or deferred” about these programs to Democrats. These programs are designed to admit refugees (usually from the third world) then Democrats fight to keep them here permanently using the charge of racism, religion, guilt, against anyone opposed. Simple formula works great.

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