NEWMAN (CBS13) – A two-year-old toddler is dead after he was attacked by a family dog in Stanislaus County.

The attack happened on Thursday night on Pine Street, near Inyo Avenue, in Newman. Police say the child was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead after being attacked by a pit bull mix.

The dog has been quarantined by animal control and the investigation is ongoing.

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  1. Brian Cunningham says:

    RIP. When will people learn that pit bulls/pit bull mixes are not suitable family pets. “Google” pit bull attacks and you’ll be reading for days. So many of the articles have a common theme – the dog never showed aggression before. When is the last time a collie ever killed anyone?

  2. Grant Ritchie says:

    A pit bull mix killed a child? I’m shocked… SHOCKED!

  3. James Duncan says:

    When a shark kills a surfer a few times a year, it’s national news. When pit bulls maul toddlers, other pets, livestock, and grown-ups to death, it’s local news for a day or so. What gives? Google “pit bull attack” and click News. Most of the daily reported maulings involve 4-7 figure bills for medical costs, rehab, and often life flights. Pit bulls were bred to be fighting dogs, not family pets. Google “pit bull history”.

    See for yourself that most pit bull mauling reports have lines like these:
    “Pou said the dog didn’t have a history of violence and the incident came as a shock.”

    “And the relationship was sweet. Davis even has videos of him snuggling with the sleeping dogs and even dancing with them. Union County deputies arrived and shot the pair in order to save Davis.”

    “He had no choice,” said Pikenbaum, adding, “If he wouldn’t have shot the dog he would have got bit. That dog wasn’t stopping.”

    “After watching the police-worn video with FOX 8, a tearful Rockwell could not explain her pet’s behavior.”

    And so on endlessly. Google “pit bull attack” and click News.

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