SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Nearly 2,000 people have been cited for misusing disabled parking placards over the past 12 months, the California DMV says.

The DMV has been stepping up crackdowns on placard misuse in recent years.

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In the most recent crackdown, where a total of 217 operations were undertaken between July 2018 to the end of June 2019, a total of 1,987 misdemeanor citations were handed out. This number is down slightly from the 2,485 citations handed out the year before – but there were more, 256, operations undertaken in that span.

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People cited for misuse have the placards taken away and are fined $250-$1000. The citation will appear on a driver’s record, the DMV notes.

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According to California law, only the person whom the placard is assigned can use it. Family members or friends of the person cannot use the placard.