by Yasmeen Hassan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – People living near downtown Sacramento say drivers are putting their families in danger. Drivers are doing trick moves, donuts, and speeding in their neighborhood.

Video shows a Mustang peeling out just before taking off on 5th and Vallejo Way.

Residents living nearby are demanding something to be done.

“Our kids are out here,” said Sasha Yarbrough.

Just feet away from front yards, sidewalks, and parks, people are speeding, doing donuts, and peeling out. Neighbors want something to be done.

“I’m sure it’s harder to drive fast and do donuts if there are speed bumps in the way,” said Donielle Robinson.

The problem with that is money. On average, it costs nearly $3,000 to install just one speed bump.

“I don’t need them losing control of their car and smashing into my kids,” said Yarbrough.

Police say they are looking for these kinds of drivers who can be cited for reckless driving. Their cars can be impounded, and it could mean thousands of dollars in fines.

But it’s still not stopping people.

“I hear screeching at midnight, one o’clock,” said one resident.

The next morning, tire marks are left in the road. It’s a c constant reminder of the potential danger.

“If you are totally young and dumb and you feel like taking your car and driving it sideways and in donuts, means you don’t have no sense at all,” said Yarbrough.

  1. Ivan Parra says:

    These idiots are all over Oak Park. we have a few classy neighbors that do the same… police couldn’t care less.

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