SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento man was sentenced to 30 years in prison Monday for distribution and production of child pornography, according to U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott.

According to court documents Mark Corum, 62, communicated with various people over Skype in the Philippines and instructed the people to perform sexual acts on children as he watched. He then paid the people between $25 and $35 in exchange for them performing the sexual acts he requested on the children over Skype.

Court documents revealed that at Corum’s direction, children between the ages of infancy and 10 years old were sexually abused.

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It was also found that in the Skype chats, Corum alluded to prior trips to the Philippines and sex acts with children there. He also indicated that if he visited the country again, he wanted to have sex with a six-year-old girl whom he had directed to be abused.

Also, the court said on June 23, 2016, Corum sent images of prepubescent children engaged in sexually explicit conduct to another person over the internet.


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