RANCHO MURIETA (CBS13) — The Rancho Murieta Association’s Board of Directors is considering banning political signs at future Fourth of July parades following complaints of some parade-goers displaying the Trump 2020 flags at this year’s parade.

Rancho Murieta mother Elizabeth Wilder says her daughter was targeted for displaying Trump’s name during the parade.

“She was booed in the parade for having that flag,” Wilder said.

Wilder says she is fighting for first amendment rights after her daughter rode in the Rancho Murieta Fourth of July parade and proudly displayed President Trump’s name on her go-cart.

“Considering that it was the Fourth of July, and we were celebrating liberty, my daughter chose to fly the flag with the president’s name on it,” Wilder said.

Wilder’s daughter wasn’t alone. There were other sporting tributes to Trump as well.

After receiving several complaints about the Trump signs from some homeowners inside this private community, the homeowner association board is now considering changing rules for all political sign displays and possibly banning them altogether at next year’s Fourth of July parade.

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“I don’t care where you live, you still have the right to freedom of speech,” Rancho Murieta resident Nancy Martin said.

The discussion of limiting political signs at the parade is drawing pushback inside this gated community.

“It’s freedom of speech, and why certain people think that because we live inside this bubble they get to judge what people are going to wear, do, say, or act—just baffles my mind,” Rancho Murieta resident Teena Ammer said.

Rancho Murieta Association GM Greg Vorster released a statement following the board meeting reading:

“The board of directors felt it was prudent to let the compliance committee review the political sign rules and bring it back for a recommendation.”

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Vorster said existing HOA rules at Rancho Murieta allow political signs on residential property — not in commonplace areas —during election season only.

A spirited Rancho Murieta Independence Day parade. Now this gated community is suddenly in a clash over patriotism and politics, and free speech.

The board voted to revisit possible parade rule changes in their August meeting.

  1. Sam Adamson says:

    This isn’t a “First Amendment” issue (doesn’t surprise me that the media gets this wrong all the time). No more than the Colin Kaepernick kneeling at the flag thing at a football game (where he is employed) has ZERO to do with the First Amendment. The First Amendment protects citizen from the FEDERAL govt (and by extension-“government” in general) from punishing you for stating your opinions (e.g. “free speech”). It DOESN’T protect nimrods from disrespecting the US flag at work, and allows for firing of poor Colin for exercising his “Poor Judgment” (not 1st Amendment)-just like the “First Amendment” won’t protect you if you walk into your bosses office and “dress them down;” better start looking for a new job! In a like manner, the First Amendment DOES NOT APPLY/PROTECT AGAINST an HOA creating a bunch of “ticky-tac” rules to placate some thin-skinned liberal who doesn’t like Trump flags displayed on private property (in this case, a MOVING go-cart)-although on a “quasi open to the public” HOA maintained roadway. The problem REALLY is uniform enforcement of laws, and how far can an HOA go in regulating it’s residents. Had some parade goers had “Obama Hope & Change” flags on their cars/golf carts/whatever, this would not even be an issue-because there is NO WAY the HOA (or anyone) would tempt the racial or political blow-back by banning Obama flags and, conservatives/Republicans don’t generally complain about every little thing that bothers them like most thin-skinned liberals (like in THIS case). So we have a situation in which “accepted” flags (Obama Hope & Change-also political) would NEVER be banned (for the sake of argument) from a go cart being driven by a person of color (for liberal and political repercussions) but have NO TROUBLE considering banning a Trump flag (also political) from THIS kid’s go cart. That’s a problem and a recipe for disaster. The second issue is, as the news story talked about, political banners ARE allowed in Rancho Murieta (on PRIVATE property & only during “political season”), but NOT in “common” areas (maintained by HOA) as most HOAs have the same regulations. However, we are talking about a MOVING VEHICLE here. Not “common property” (park, greenbelt maintained by HOA). So if Rancho Murieta starts to “ban” flags on moving vehicles (and perhaps they can on their HOA-maintained roads by extension), then they are REALLY are on thin ice as this will also apply to any car daring to sport a Trump sticker, flag, what have you (while driven in the park). Or anyone WEARING a Trump T-shirt or MAGA hat (while WALKING on the community sidewalks). And they had DARN WELL BETTER enforce someone who has a “Obama/Biden” sticker on their car, or wearing an Obama “Hope” T-shirt (Or Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, WHOEVER)-or face DIRE consequences for “disparate treatment” and (by default) having the HOA “sanction” which politician is “acceptable.” This to me would be a “ticky-tac,” liberal, “P.C.” Hell that would indeed impact EVERYONE that these liberals who didn’t like the Tump 2020 flag really need to consider-and the HOA needs to consider. Sorry. But moving vehicles (golf carts, cars, go carts), or people wearing political “slogans” (Hope & Change shirts, MAGA hats, Trump 2020 shirts) should NOT be the purview of the HOA. Again, NOT a First Amendment issue. More of a Brownshirt fascist issue of “tolerant” liberals wanting to ban everything they don’t agree with.

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